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2014-15 Competition Changes/Revisions


1 - Solo Competition at Newton High School Friday, Oct. 31 – Outstanding Color Guard Competition – approximate starting time 6:00 pm at the Newton High School. 

Saturday, Nov. 1 – Outstanding Iowa Dancer – because of the increased numbers of participants we will be going to Eight classes of dance to decrease the number of dancers per class.  All Solo dance competition will take place both at Newton High School and at Berg Middle School.

2 - 70% Rule Clarification - A school must register the maximum number of possible performers (not the number of participants you actually put on the floor for competition). 

3 - Registrations will be ON-LINE this year (including membership, solo registration, team registration, and Pre-Garment Orders.)  You will still receive a handbook and Registration Directions in the mail by August 1.  Everything else will be On-Line or on the website (Academic, Scholarship). 

4 - Add to wording on pg. 47 of handbook – Earrings include Gauges – must be removed.



If you know of any new coaches/directors,

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